Three Advantages of Heater Temperature Controller

2019-08-30 18:26:59

Temperature controllers are very important in the heating industry. Whether they are heaters, wall-mounted stoves or water heaters, they all need to realize their self-worth through temperature controllers to achieve the best ideal state for consumers to use. Today, we will go with the small knitting of Tetten Electric Appliances to see what advantages the heater temperature controller has.

I. Heater Temperature Controller - What is a Temperature Controller

Thermostat (also known as Thermostat, temperature control switch, temperature protector, temperature controller) refers to a series of automatic control elements which produce some special effects, turn on or off operation, or through the temperature protector, according to the temperature changes in the working environment, physical deformation occurs inside the switch. Temperature transmits to the temperature controller, and the temperature controller sends the switch command to control the operation of the equipment to achieve the ideal temperature and energy saving effect. It is widely used in various household appliances, such as water dispensers, hot pots and refrigerators.

2. Three Advantages of Heater Temperature Controller-Heater Temperature Controller

1. Saving Costs and Energy

After changing the backward and extensive water temperature control to advanced and accurate room temperature control, combined with fixed room temperature in different time periods and running on demand, the heating system does not need open heating day and night. According to the statistics of relevant authoritative organizations, compared with the heater without temperature controller, the heater with temperature controller can save 25% - 30% gas cost.

2. Intelligent operation and human programming

Because intelligent temperature controller has programmed time-division temperature control technology, it can realize time-division automatic control through intelligent and humanized programming settings. It divides a day into several periods. Each period can set different temperatures according to your living habits. The wall-mounted stove can be controlled by automatic circulation, which eliminates the trouble of manual operation, and has high control precision and saves gas effectively.

3. Accurate control, direct to room temperature

The main function of the temperature controller is to use the highly accurate thermal sensor to sense the indoor environment temperature, and then according to the temperature set by the household and the program of arrangement, by controlling the start and stop of the wall-mounted furnace to accurately control the indoor temperature. This is more accurate and scientific than using the water temperature control of the heater itself.

Although the thermostat has the characteristics of universality, its application is also quite rigorous. As long as all household appliances have the principle of temperature induction, they must be regulated by the thermostat. From the above strong advantages, we can easily see that the heater temperature controller is a very practical and economical device, I hope you can concentrate more on the heater temperature controller.