TeTeng Electric Appliances, specializing in the production of temperature controllers, is trustworthy!

2019-08-30 18:24:44

Foshan Nanhai TeTeng Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan City, the hometown of thermostat manufacturing in Guangdong Province, China. It is ocated in the prime location of the Pearl River Delta, only 30 minutes away from Guangzhou. It enjoys convenient water, land and air transportation,prosperous market and prosperous industry.

The company introduces foreign advanced production technology, uses sophisticated production equipment, uses computerized automatic testing equipment, is equipped with a scientific management system, has perfect quality management, complete quality control means, and has repeatedly compared and absorbed domestic and foreign technologies. All products adopt international standards and advanced national industry standards. The product quality is at the level of similar products in advanced countries. The company is specialized in producing all kinds of high quality liquid expansion thermostats, overheat protectors, metal sheet temperature and temperature control. Controller. With strong technical force, we can independently develop various types of temperature control and overheat protectors. Temperature range: -30 degrees to 320 degrees. Widely used in picking devices, showers,water heaters, refrigeration cabinets, fresh cabinets, holding cabinets, steaming cabinets, cooking noodle buckets, electric baking pans, soup pools/pots,electric woks, steaming furnaces, frying ovens , fish ball furnace, electric oven, electric oven, fermentation tank, electric oven, egg machine, ice machine,sealing machine, hot melt machine and many other Chinese / Western kitchen equipment, mechanical equipment, medical equipment and other products. Deep customer support and trust.

All of our products have obtained domestic CQC certifcation, American UL certifcation, European CE and VDE and TUV certifcation, etc. The products sell well in domestic and foreign markets. The company is "integrity-based, quality frst" as its purpose, welcome new and old customers to call or to the company to discuss the order. Can be customized according to customer requirements.