Working Principle and Control Mode of Bimetallic Temperature Controller

2019-08-30 18:25:05

With the development of bimetallic sudden jump thermostat, people pay more and more attention to it. Since it is a product that people pay attention to, Xiaobian should tell you about bimetallic sudden jump thermostat. Then we will understand it from many aspects.

Working Principle of Bimetal Jump Temperature Controller-Bimetal Jump Temperature Controller

The jump thermostat is a kind of thermostat. According to the temperature change of the working environment, physical deformation occurs inside the switch, which produces some special effects and a series of automatic control elements that turn on or off. The sudden-jump thermostat is a kind of bimetallic wafer with constant temperature as a heat sensitive reaction component. When the temperature of the main part of the product increases or decreases, the heat generated is transferred to the bimetallic wafer, which can act quickly when the action temperature is set. The contact is opened or closed by the mechanism, and the purpose of opening or disconnecting the circuit is achieved. To control the circuit.

I. Bimetal sudden-jump thermostat-matters needing attention in installation of bimetal sudden-jump thermostat

1. When using contact temperature-sensitive installation, the metal upper cover plane of the temperature switch should be completely close to the installation surface of the controlled device. In order to ensure the effect of temperature sensing, heat conductive paste is applied on the surface of the instrument.

2. When installing, the top of the metal surface of the temperature switch should not be crushed, loosened or deformed to avoid affecting its function and precision. Do not let the liquid infiltrate into the temperature switch or cause cracks in the shell by excessive force.

3. It is not allowed to change the shape of the external terminal at will, in order to avoid affecting the electrical reliability, and there are insulation protection measures to prevent leakage and ensure the safety of use.

2. Bimetal sudden-jump thermostat-control mode of bimetal sudden-jump thermostat

Automatic reset: With the change of temperature, the internal contacts are automatically disconnected and closed.

Manual reset: When the temperature rises, the contacts will automatically disconnect; when the temperature of the controller is cooled, the contacts must be reset and closed again by pressing and twisting manually.

Xiaobian also emphasizes the characteristics of the bimetal jump thermostat. The bimetal jump thermostat has the characteristics of fixed working temperature, long service life and reliable performance.